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Custom FIT vs Custom Design....

Posted on March 05 2016

I've had a lot of questions recently about custom design vs custom fit and what they both mean. Therefore I thought this month i'd dedicate my blog to explaining the difference between the two, because there's a lot of difference.



So just to explain that we make every single pair of leggings, shorts, skirts, crops, tops, vests and leotards in our studio in Cardiff.

My background is a degree in fashion design and years working for the UK high street. At university, I studied pattern cutting throughout the duration of my course so I can pretty much make anything and understand how things are made very well. It also means that I understand how people are all different in shape and size and how to modify measurements and the garments to make sure they fit perfectly. 

When you order a custom size with us there is no extra charge for this service. As we make it all from scratch it makes no difference to us if we're making a standard size or a custom, so we didn't think it was fair to charge any extra for this service. 

We can, make your legs longer or shorter, give you a smaller or larger waist, hips, thigh, calf, bum.... do your shorts and capris (3/4's) to the length you want, add a pocket, zips to the bottom, drawcord to the waist and padding for cycling. 

For a custom fit we need the following measurements: 

Inside Leg

If you're after shorts or capris we need the first 3 measurements and then your inside leg to your desired length plus the circumference of your leg at that length. 

Crops and Tops

Under arm to desired length

Here's a little drawing of those measurements: 

Leggings                                                       Vests / Crops



Custom designs are one off or group orders that are a completely bespoke design. This design is yours alone and will not be sold on or replicated for anyone else. 

Whether you'd like your own pets, a favourite animal, a completely unique pattern such as a star pattern with your name on it in specific colours, something that represents your name or culture, a charity design for a race, your company logo or your own brand we can make you something that no one else will have. 

Unfortunately we can not do anything that is licensed such as Marvel, Disney or celebrity faces due to copyright law BUT we can offer you amazing one off designs that are completely unique to you. 

This is an extra charge to our regular service because it takes us a fair amount of time to design these awesome things for you. 

Here are a bunch of examples of the stuff we have done for people in the past:

So! I hope that helps :) 

Have a great day! 


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