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Kidney Wales!

Posted on July 20 2017

We've teamed up with Kidney Wales!

We are really proud to announce that we are working with Kidney Wales to produce our own range of leggings which will not only represent Kidney Wales but that will also help each individual represent who they train for. We donate back to the charity for every pair sold to help them make a difference. 

Who are Kidney Wales?

Kidney Wales are the leading renal charity here in Wales supporting families and patients across the country living with this life changing condition.  

What is Kidney Disease?
Kidney Disease affects over 10,000 people in Wales, and is increasing particularly in young children.  It’s a life long and life threatening condition which dramatically changes the life of the patient and their families.  Living with the condition can involve lengthy dialysis sessions, sometimes 10 hours a day EVERY DAY, and then there’s the lengthy wait for a kidney transplant.  Patients will also have strict diet restrictions to follow, overlooking these can result in fatal consequences. 

What do Kidney Wales do? 
For 50 years Kidney Wales has been at the forefront of kidney patient care, wellbeing and research in Wales.  Over the years the funds raised have enabled Kidney Wales to provide life saving treatment, fund staff and refurbish the Kidney Wales Children’s Centre and support families financially with the costs associated to their treatment.  Kidney Wales most recent success and most significant achievement to date was their key involvement with the passing of the new Organ Donation ‘Deemed Consent’ law in December 2015.

Kidney Wales puts patients at the centre of everything that they do.  Understanding the physical and emotional impact of kidney disease on patients and their families listening to their needs and actively trying to better their lives is extremely important to the charity.  This has highly influenced their ambition to open a Wellness Centre in Wales for families living with the condition day in day out.  The initial planning process is well underway, and the team are extremely excited about the continuation of the project and hope it will be a big part of our future as the leading charity for kidney patients in Wales. 




Why Kidney Wales?

For me personally, Kidney Wales is a charity with great values and goals. They are a small team who work very hard to create a huge difference to sufferers and their families deal with living with a serious health condition. 
A good friend of mine is a nurse in a dialysis unit in Wales. On a daily basis she sees the effects of what this horrible disease can do to people and what a huge difference Kidney Wales makes to supporting some of her patients.
She gets out there and supports charity walks, fundraising and supports her patients because not only does she treat them, but they have an impact on her life, she has a great day if they do. 
We are all in this together and something simple such as a small walk or a 10K can help! 
Get out there, get active, help yourself and someone else by donating back to Kidney Wales. 

Who do you run for?

TeamKW hold events regularly and you can find out more details about their calendar here:

If you or a loved one would like to run / train / cycle... GET INVOLVED and represent who you train for please see the link to our leggings collection for kidney wales. 


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