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New Logo!

Posted on September 25 2015


We've got a really exciting announcement here at Greyskull HQ! 


We've been developing the new design with the amazing Jon CG for the last couple of months & I think you'll agree that what we've come up with is pretty rad!

I've been contemplating a re-brand for a little while now. I was always a little worried that because our lovely legs are so diverse, colourful and full of awesome that we would HAVE to make sure that our logo was also full of awesome but that it wouldn't deter from the products. 

My initial thought was to take some influence from the reason behind the name. He-man and Castle Grayskull. However I didn't want the brand to be associated with the programme, it's simply a homage to how awesome the TV show and comics were. Therefore the next obvious choice was to go with a skull. However I'm not really a fan of skulls. 

I made a conscious decision not to design my own logo because i'm too close to it. As I said i'm not a fan of skulls, I don't enjoy drawing them and I really didn't know where to start. I needed help. 
I knew I was going to be a pain in the ass and because of that I had to find a wonderful human that would be able to deal with my thoughts of wanting a skull but not liking skulls. So I went to Jon. 

Jon is an AMAZING graphic designer who also skates for SWS. He's been a friend for a fair few years and I knew if anyone was going to nail it, Jon was. Check out his awesome portfolio here.

Jon's design process was AMAZING. He started with a bunch of existing skulls, from bands, brands, cartoons, photos of turtle skulls, he literally covered everything. After selecting a bunch of skulls that stuck out to me Jon came back with this sheet: 

Now as we explained earlier, we're a pain in the butt... we went with an amalgamation of option 5&6. haha. 

The result was this beauty: 

I hope you agree. IT'S PRETTY FRICKIN' RAD!

And then we went onto the font. ha. 

I was trying super hard not to be a massive pain in the butt. People always say that your worst type of client is the person who does the same job as you. However Jon was SUPER patient and REALLY helpful. He took all my comments, Ideas, revisions and feedback on board and developed a font that i asked to be "bold but clear, a little distorted but only VERY SLIGHTLY, clean and complements everything, but nothing too fussy) - easy right? 

This is the beauty that he came back with: 

I think you'll agree he did an UHHHH-MAAAAAA-ZING job. 

Please Please go and give some love to Jon - tell him what an awesome job he has done. 

I'm one happy lady :D 


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