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Posted on September 09 2015

Here at the power of greyskull we have a LOT of love for our furry friends. 

Over the last week or so you may have seen that doggy bandanas have been added to the website and I've been posting it everywhere on instagram and twitter. So I thought I would share why I decided to do a pet range at the power of greyskull and y'know, so we can all look at some cute dog pictures :) 

These two little terrors are a big part of my little world. 

This is Jessie and Max. 

This troublesome twosome come anywhere and everywhere with me. To the pub: 

To the beach:

Out for a walk or run: 

For a nice cup of tea and cake: 

Or curled up at home watching a movie:

Needless to say if I can bring them, I will. 

I've been doing a lot of business and personal development recently. I've joined some wonderful networking groups, invested in a life coach and a business coach, not to mention the countless hours spent not only developing new designs and products but reading all about growing a successful business. 

One big part of business development is "being your brand", something that has always come naturally to me. I'm an avid wearer of leggings, have always worn my own brand and enjoy coming up with new designs as much so that I get to wear them as making our customers happy. 

(helloooooooo palm tree legs) 

This led me to think about the fact that Max and Jess come to work with me every day: they comfort me when things aren't going so well, run around the park with me when we need a break and have a celebratory treat when we've done something worth celebrating. They are just as much part of greyskull as I am, so it's only apt that they also "become part of the brand."

Manny, a pal of ours, started the trend when his human nan asked if we could make a bandana for his third birthday to represent both his mummy (Billie Pistol from Tiger Bay Brawlers) and Daddy (Neil Helado from South Wales Silures). Since then pet parents from all over have been asking us to help kit out their furry family members.

(What a cutie right?!)
When adding bandanas to the site, we thought it only right to post a little note to say how much we love our furry friends here at the power of greyskull. If you know someone who'd like to get in on the action, please send us a message - we love making new pals, especially those who love a good pattern!

Have a lovely day everyone. 

Kath, Max & Jessie xx


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