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What's it all about then?

Posted on August 04 2015

What's in a name? 

People often ask me how I chose the company name and how it fits the leggings brand. So here I thought I'd share the background to the store's name and what it means to me. 

There are typically two reactions to the name "the power of greyskull": people either declare "that's the coolest name for a brand", quickly followed by "I HAVE THE POOOOWEEEEER", or it's completely lost on them. So for all the people who feel like they may have missed a trick, it simply comes down to this.... 

In the mid 1980's there were a series of comic books and several animated TV series based on He-Man and She-Ra. He-Man is the alter ego of Prince Adam as is characterised by his superhuman strength. He-Man and his friends attempt to defend the realm of Eternia and the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the forces of Skeletor.


So how does that relate to a leggings brand? 

In the early days of greyskull, which pretty much involved my sewing machine on the kitchen table and samples of lycra strewn around my living room, I had some friends over for dinner. We were talking about all the things we loved about being a kid and I couldn't shut up about He-Man.

As we were talking I thought about how cool "the power of greyskull" would be as a brand name. After sitting on the idea for a few weeks and mulling it over, I mocked up a few business cards and the name stuck. Coincidentally my partner is called Adam and everything just kinda fit. 
To me the power of greyskull symbolises everything I loved about being a kid. By the power of greyskull you can transform yourself from your normal self into your alter ego (if that's what you desire). As an adult, it's about putting yourself out there, being brave in your choices (perhaps wearing something you might not have worn before) and having self confidence and pride in being your own person.

     The Tiger Bay Brawlers - my home team, now sponsored by the power of greyskull. 

I largely got into making leggings because of roller derby - a full contact sport played on roller skates. I played for my home team, the Tiger Bay Brawlers, for four years before taking a break to start the business. Check them out here:!

Not only is it an AWESOME sport but roller derby is a big promoter of positive body image and is empowering to many women (and men!). If there's one thing that roller girls love it's a great pair of leggings and because of my fashion/design background it was my team mates who suggested I should make my own. 

                         My first pair of leggings - the start of the greyskull story. 

Since that first pair of leggings the business has gone from strength to strength and we are where we are now - learning, growing and enjoying every minute. We're really looking forward to all the new things coming about in the next few months and to sharing our journey with you too! 


Thanks so much for popping by. We love to see you here.
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