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Our Made to Measure Service

We believe that finding a pair of trousers, leggings, shorts or t-shirt that actually fit shouldn’t be hard and that’s why we’re proud to offer a made to measure, custom fit service at no extra cost. 

What does made to measure mean?

Made to measure means you can send us your measurements and get our leggings, capris, shorts or short shorts tailored to fit you.

Quite simply that means anything you might want to order from us can be ordered as a custom size suited to your body.

So, if you’re finding that you’re not quite a size 12, 16, XS or L, we can help you.

We believe having a custom fit option is important

Nobody should feel sad when they shop and we don’t want a single person to feel upset when they receive a pair of our printed leggings. That’s just not what we make them for.

Giving the option to customise the size of your leggings, for no extra cost, when you order with us means that you can have the joy of shopping and the joy of patterned leggings without the hardship of fitting into a standard size.

Not only that, but our made to measure leggings, mean that you can feel fully supported in whatever you use our leggings for; whether that be daily wear, cycling, skating, yoga or anything else.

We think your comfort and happiness are important, which is why we don’t charge any extra for a tailored fit.

Want to find out how to order a pair of made to measure leggings, capris or shorts? Click here for a list of all the measurements we need.

Custom fit crops and tops

We also offer a custom fit for any of the crop tops or vests we stock.

The measurements we need from you for a perfectly fitting sports bra can be found here.

Are you looking for information on custom designs?

Don’t worry you’re not in the wrong place if you’re looking for custom designs, because we can also offer that.

So if you’re seeking the newest freshest patterned, bright, custom or team, leggings, capris or shorts do not fear – the information you need is here.



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