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This summer design is a tribute to all the non-skating officials (NSOs) and referees who make the beautiful game of roller derby possible. Flamingos and zebras are their unofficial nicknames due their need to stand around a lot (in a useful way!) and their pink or black and white uniforms. Pictures of flamingos and zebras look odd put together (does it ever happen in nature?), so Kath created zebra striped flowers for this design. Tropical!


About your legs: 83% Polyester 17% Spandex

Size and fit: XXS-XXL (please consult our size guide)

Wear your legs: All of our designs are suitable for fashion and sports

Look after your legs: 
Hand washing keeps colours stronger for longer.

Machine wash at a low temperature (≤40
°C) if used for exercise to keep fresh.

Do not tumble dry.

Customise these legs: Message us with your requirements to modify this style.



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